Friday, March 27, 2009

Talking about php frameworks

I am thinking of updating my blog. Here is the thing: I can do more productive stuff than searching for good looking blogger templates.. Although I am an advocate of simple looking text oriented blogs, but still, I hate the restricted and limited blogger dashboard whenever I think of tweaking the layout somehow.

Anyways, a geek friend talked about cakePHP. I looked it up and it seems interesting. The last time I worked with PHP, there was no hype of php frameworks, and perhaps the only one I heard about was by Zend. So, anyways, this world of frameworks is ranked here. By having a couple of sneak peaks at Yii-powered sites, I declare it to be boring to try out.. Next, I've got CodeIgnitor, CakePHP, and Akelos.

On the other hand, I've got RubyOnRails!

Now, I've worked with PHP and it's the easiest language I've worked with by far (considering the compiled languages I know). I wouldn't be comfortable to work with a framework that might make the whole process as easy as a cake (from cakePHP) and at the same time I am thinking to stick to php and do more practical things with it instead of trying out something new like Ruby.

So, I'll think :) One stupid way of comparison is the time it takes to make a blog with these frameworks: RoR takes 15 minutes, and CodeIgnitor and Akelos take 20 minutes :p For more intelligent comparative analysis, I'll look around for resources. I am planning to export all my posts from this blog to my new blog (I don't know how this work though) ..

Wednesday, March 25, 2009



Although it’s a neat idea, but I doubt it to be the next big thing in gaming world. It’s only targeting a small niche of gamers: those who have high speed internet connections!

The big question - why do I need it in the first place? If it’s not priced significantly lower than it’s competitor big fishes, then hardcore gamers would surely prefer the ugly big boxes over unexpected interruptions in their gaming performance due to primary dependence on internet connection.

[more about onLive]