Monday, September 01, 2008

back to school

Hi, I was doing good, but the school started last week :I
So, I got myself registered for 2 classes:

justification - Expert Systems:

  • Attending explanatory and detailed lectures about disciple architecture,
  • To work towards certificate in Intelligent Agents,
  • To listen to the critical questions posed by students at disciple approach,
  • Trying to get implicit answers ciritcal to my thesis study, and
  • To become able to write some journal paper related to what I’ll be taught in class and what I am studying for my thesis.

jjustification - Data Mining:

  • Dr. Carlotta Domeniconi was teaching it (no more, but new prof. is good),
  • To learn atleast the definition of mining!,
  • to diversify my know-how of cs topics,
  • to find out a way to take time out to use google maps api to crawl google maps data and use it somehow (how intelligent :p)
  • ...

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