Saturday, February 14, 2009

honda student 1999 civic salman sedan jamali google thesis

Few days back, I bought a used car. It's an awesome deal, but still a used car and hence, I am looking for friends who are mechanics :p Anyways, I ran to honda and asked them to inspect my car. They charged me $105 and with a smiling face smashed on my face a bunch of repair recommendations. So I was supposed to prioritize this list and tackle each one by one under a limited, poor-ish and a miserable budget. In the mean time, being a nerd googler, I was able to investigate a lot about the geeky terms of car mechanics and common problems and their solutions. Just today, I realized that I know a lot more than I knew about a car's anatomy, e.g. I can refill my coolant, fuel my car by myself, etc.

following are few of my recent search strings on google:

  • how to check fuse of auxiliary power outlet civic 99
  • cigarette outlet not working civic 99
  • is my coolant leaking? civic 99
  • what is oxygen sensor?
  • what is primary oxygen sensor 02 civic 99
  • how to attach a number plate on front bumper
  • lost my driver's license dmv reporting
  • zune fm transmitter
  • zune car kit
  • best fm transmitter reviews
  • pioneer car cd player deal
  • sony car cd player deal
  • magellon gps deals
  • garmin gps deals
  • garmin vs magellon vs tomtom
  • navteq versus teleatlas maps
  • samsung bluetooth headset deals
  • samsung wep200 vs wep500
  • samsung wep200 vs wep410
  • antifreez coolant autoparts
  • 1999 honda civic mpg
  • 1999 honda civic lx kbb
  • magellon 4210 review cnet
  • progressive insurance
  • what is liability insurance
  • geico
  • mr car wash
  • ..
  • ..

and seems like this list would go on and on.. errr. Anyways, above all, i wish i could drive here the way we used to do it in Pakistan.. :D I don't like it, it's so peaceful here. I notice people actually waiting for the red to be green and literally stopping when it's about to be red! See that's not way, you're wasting fuel, your time and hmm.. some excitement :D We are not supposed to switch lanes with indications and thank people for letting you cross.. it's all right, just show some aggression in your acceleration and they'll stop.. it works always :D

And what's up with these service stations here?! $90 just to check for the problem in the power outlet? $600-$700 to replace timing belt that cost's $40.. I know it's labor, but still.. it's so systematic that you just don't have any cheaper options, or perhaps i'll get to find few eventually.

One more thing, every third mechanic is a Pakistani just like every third software engineer is an Indian and every third human being around is a Chinese :D

To summarize, after 2.5 months of craigslisting, I think I've got a nice deal! :)

tht's it for now, over n out.


hussain said...

its the same in pakistan meri jaan... i paid around PKR 6-7k to get a health check fr my civic... and den spent around PKR 12-15k to get the timing belt and oil changed... and when it comes to sensors... thanx to dis awsum place named SHERSHAH dat i got the sensors on a very cheap deal :p
And by the time i got satisfied with all the stuff i realized that i ended up spending 35-40k just to get it in a perfect condition... now i have left it for my dear brother wasiq :p

bonstubon said...

hehe, yar this timing belt expense haunts me :(

hussain said...

dude i forgot to mention the da whole steering thing that i got changed :p another PKR12k... thanx to SHERSHAH again...

Syed Muzamil said...

I like that car. but I think 2000 has better bumpers and side skirts.
Even Im thinking of selling my Suzuki Cultus and Buying a Civic 99/00. However here in PK, we have to get the bumpers repainted and get the filter changed, and yea the timing belt problem is basic.
but all in all its a cheap deal. It cost something around 5-650grands.


bonstubon said...

so my car's worth is ~6 lakhs?! not bad :)

waKas malik said...

Hahahhah, No credit hmmmmm for all this information. I will not pick up your calls anymore.


I think I have gave you a pretty good idea about all this while in the process of buying, so don't worry these things happens to every one and welcome to CIVIC OWNER'S CLUB ( I will be creating this sometime in future;P).

bonstubon said...

Isn't there something like onelink-honda?!