Saturday, February 02, 2008

OpenSolaris Concern: Virtualization

If we can identify 3 facets of virtualization of an underlying hardware as
- virtualization to Isolate a 'process' from other processes,
- something that can monitor status of and activities within a virtual machine, and
- being a guest or being a host operating system,

- OpenSolaris has Zones and Branded Zones which provide "protected and virtualized OS environment within an instance of Solaris, allowing one or more processes to run in isolation from other activity on the system', and they "enable kernel and user mode development of Solaris and Linux applications without impacting developers in seperate zones".

- OperSolaris also supports Xen, which is "an open-source virtual machine monitor", and

- OpenSolaris is available as a guest operating system for VMWare. (Get Started)

[source: OpenSolaris - Student Guide]

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