Friday, February 01, 2008

Thinking of a switch? think OS.

Where OS is OpenSolaris.
I am taking Advance Operating Systems course in spring08 semester with Dr. Harry Foxwell at George Mason University. Two things convinced me to get into this class: the professor's profile, and an opportunity to get out of closed Windows..

He is kind of an AIO individual, being an ex-soccer referee, a Vietnam veteran, Senior System Engineer at Sun Microsystems, and an adjunct professor here at GMU, which seemed interesting at a glance.

Then, I remember the references made to Solaris' implementation during my Operating Systems class as being competitive with the contemporary systems, if not any better. I also knew Solaris is based on Unix. And literally, this was the only information I had before taking the first class of this course.

I want to track my progress in learning it, and this text serves the purpose of being the appetizer post. As I will try to gradually fill up my stomach with more *nix-based stuff, I'll try to keep this blog in shape perfected with my knowledgebase.

As of now, I have successfully installed Solaris 10 (commercial version) on VMware Server version 1.0.4, which was a piece of cake while partly following HOW TO INSTALL SUN SOLARIS INSIDE VMWARE WORKSTATION 5.5

But, I feel like I am lacking hardware resources on my inspiron e1505 notebook to enjoy its full capacity. Following up, I downloaded 3 DVDS of Solaris Express Developer Edition 09/07 from, and burned them.

And yes, I was thinking of a switch, and I'll love one such to OS, if it's supporting my coursework!

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