Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Green Leaf-Like Bug!

These images are the courtesy of a friend in Pakistan. I didn't try to discover if he loves photography, but I am sure that these are awesome captures. This would definitely amaze anyone like me; anyone living in a place where you waste 2 hours of planning after seeing a couple of dead cockroaches around the kitchen cabinets :p

Anyways, This thing is called Microcentrum retinerve. It sounds something like this; actually, this is how I can recall that it's very common around. Following is it's classification:
  • Class Insecta
  • Order Orthoptera
  • Suborder Ensifera
  • Family Tettigoniidae
  • Species Microcentrum retinerve

[image courtesy: Yawar Abbas]


hussain said...

Well it sure is a cute lil bug... One of the many creations of God... God is great!! Allah o Akbar!!

Anonymous said...

wow. the skin sure provides a lot of protection against predators. interesting to see the amazing diversity of creatures created through the evolutionary process.

bonstubon said...

something related:

Anonymous said...

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Best wishes
Darek Wish

naureen said...

I recently saw exactly the same insect sitting on my car's window which fascinated me so much that i also took a couple snaps of it. I live in Michigan. What a beautiful creature i thought it was. Then couple days later i saw a moth like it was also a leaf but you know how the ones become after falling to the ground in fall, it was brown and it looked like a dry leaf but sure was not a leaf.