Friday, January 09, 2009

the ridiculous perspective.

Sometimes you want to sit & think, but sometimes you just want to sit. Sometimes you want to plan out things, but sometimes, you just don't want to think about plans. This isn't ridiculous, because I am sure that many a times we miss the 'kid' that we once were. That kid was so natural, free of troubles, and all stuffed up with naive patriotism and the desires to score high in games, only. Yes, I miss him, no shame!

But, above all, no one's to blame here; I know we're supposed to move on. I'll move on, Inshallah, but I have my memories.. so deep-rooted somewhere that no brainwashing detergent can erase their traces. I feel of the recap as a seizure, a malfunction.. but when I recover from it, I always pop out with a lesson, a simple and clean guideline for the incoming tremors. And, I move on.

Still sometimes, I desire a free fall, as in skydiving; but sometimes, I just want to dive and fly away..

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