Monday, January 05, 2009

My car buying experience

First of all, I still couldn't buy one.. but anyways, I had 3 close encounters of actually wasting up my super duper budget of 3500$ on the following cars (after analyzing 25+ cars):

1 - 1997 civic ex coupe automatic
2 - 1999 civic ex sedan automatic
3 - 2000 civic ex coupe automatic

For 1, we settled for a done deal happily. Later, the carfax tells me that the car has a rollbacked odometer. Amazingly, we couldn't guess it from the extremely humble speech of the seller that he's perhaps being untruthful and that the rollback amounts to 45000 miles!

Exhausted, as well as excited.. I went for 2, perfect history, affordable, I am all ready.. and there you go.. sold-out! [yehh and didn't care to take off the advertisement from the list!]

The biggest blow, number 3. Not affordable, but for the price a great deal. So, I thought I'll drag my budget a little more. I did that. After a bunch of email ins and outs, we decided on a meeting time. I was desperate to just get it for whatever it had, for any extra cost. And once again, I receive an email: "Sorry, sold out!" Perhaps, what’s most disappointing about this one was that the seller listed it for ~4000$ and I wanted to get it for $3600 and he sold it for $3400 !!! Yeh, i know something's wrong.. :(

So, I've 20 days more days to stay patient.. then my carfax account will expire.. and I am not going to think about a car anymore..

Recommendation for craigslist: as soon as an item is sold-out, something should force the seller to close his advertisement.

Recommendation for buyers: as soon as you find out a good deal, don't wait for another good deal, don't push your luck :p

Recommendation for sellers: if you can't negotiate, don't face the buyers ;)

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Carfax Heather said...

We’re glad to hear we helped you avoid a car with a rolled back odometer. Good luck with your search. We recommend also having the car inspected by your mechanic before you buy.